Sabtu, 13 Mei 2017

Build up strong and prestigious team work

An old aphorism said that, "United we stand, divided we fall." This aphorism has inspired a song sung by Bondan prakoso and Fade Black, by lyric : Kau yang disana, yang berjiwa lemah, mendekat padaku, raih tanganku, karena kudisini pantang menyerah, bersatu kita kuat, bersama kita hebat dan tak terkalahkan

This song has inspired many tunagers from rural to urban area, together to make a change. make our this song has also inspired many people in motivating theirself. Not only listen a speech form famous motivator but, there are many other ways to do to make us strong, great and never lose. One of the wayis working together in a team.

So, a big question is, can we do taht why not.? we won't be lose from the ant right..??
We all know already taht team work is the key to success in most realsom of life and business. only through team work can we combine different, complementary points of view to identify and seize hidden  synergy opportunities, overcome, difficult obstacles and achieve challenging objectives.

However, teamwork is a challenge in and of itselt. it requires taht people manage their egos, develop humility, communicate effectively, resolve conflicts and above all, commit to one another  and to a common goal. Anyone who has worked on a team knows that the only way to do so succesfully is by assesing oneself honestly and becoming the best person one can be. In this regard, Not only does teamwork increase performance, it also promots the devolopment of better citizens and societis

So, to be strong and prestigious, let we do everithing in team work, let we forget our egos in gathering something and tnink that by team work we can achieve our goals

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