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Fear of Public speaking

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Do you have a fear of public speaking..?? I would guess that if you are reading this, you probably do
for the longest time, I had the come fear. It's actually not that uncommon. In fct, vorious studies have shown that the fear of speaking in public is ranked higher than the fear of death. In the other words, some people would rahter die tahn have to speak in public. This may sound a bit extreme to amny of you but if you get nervous and sweat like crazy just at the taught of speaking in front of a group of people, then you can probably see that it's somewaht understantable at least at the moment

I will remember when I made the first time standing in front of my friends. I fell that I will be die afraid of public speaking, My legs would get weak, my mouth would tremble as I would begin to utter the first few words. I would sway back and forth or do some awkward thing with my hands. I would avoid eye contact at all cost unless I find someone with a smiling face, than I would just stare at that person for the whole speech.

Have you experience thre things..??
it is not exactly the best experience to have is it..?? fortunately, there is a ways to overcome fear of public speaking. Just to give you my experience. I went from what I described above too one day being able to confidently get up in front of an audience. I'm sure there ate plety of ways of overcoming things fear but what I will describe is what worked for me.

Below are some ways how to overcome fearing in public speaking
1. Understanding the course of the fear
2. Change your mindset
3. Practice

from there ways above I believe you will be greatly reduce the fearing and will give good impact for you. Good Luck

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