Sabtu, 08 Juli 2017

The advantages of jogging

Hasil gambar untuk gambar orang berlari

Have you ever done jogging..??
of course you have. As we know jogging is the easist way for us if we want to stay healthy.
before I tell you some advantages  of jogging, Let I intrduce about jogging.
what is jogging..? jogging is a term used refer to running, or trotting, at a leisurely place. probably, most  of you recognize me that people who want to be a runner must do jogging every day. However, I don't want to discuss about it in this article, I want to tell you special aim about the advantages of jogging.
As a runner, jogging has to be part of your life. However, what is the essence and relevance of joggimg to a university student like us and who as no intention of becoming a runner..?? One definition of jogging by experts, is running at a speed lower than 6 miles per hour. 
This is a speed that can be sustained by an individual for a long time. for the sake of improving one's health the speed of jogging does not really matter. what matters is that the individual does it continuosly. Only then can it be helpful to the body. to start with jogging creates a wonderful cardiosascular workout

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