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10 reason why playing guitar is good for your mind and body

have you ever wondered why guitarist seem so laid back nad loose on stage..??
some shredders even appear to be immotal, like the rolling stone's keith richards. maybe they just have access to really good doctors, but here's another potential explanation :
the axe might be as powerful as anyhing inside the medicine cabinet. strapping on a fendercould boost your brainpower, sex life, six-pack and more .

below are 10 reasons why it is good for our mind and body
1. feel serious pleasure
simply plugghing in your guitar, playing it, and listening to the music you're creating can make you feel good

2. wafe away stress.
whether it's your boss or bill that give you anguish, grabbing your guitar can help zap stress.

3. send pain pakcing
forget popping pills, if you livewith chronic pain, reach for a pick according to a study from the university of Utah's pain research center, listening to music can take your mind off, and thereby reduce pain.

4. sharpen your mind
refered to a reaserch, playing guitar more likely to have sharper brain function

5. toughen your ticker
researchers from the netherlands found  that patients who practiced music for more than 100 minutes a day showed a significant drop in blood pressure and lowe heart rate than those who didn't.

6. seduse total strangers
studies show woman associate  musical ability with intelligence, commitment, hard work, and physical prowess

7. score more
more proof you don't need actual skills to score but to accepted a friendship request

8. strike it rich
you might not make it in the music biz, nut yout guitar could still help you earn big bucks

9. build more brainpower
stuck at work without your six-string..?? you're still giving your brain yourself

10. record yourself, reward yourself.
oftentimes, guitarists will record their sessions or demo songs, that way, they can go back and practice the, but bring your recordings to the gym and you might see a physical benefit

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