Rabu, 16 Agustus 2017


cars are automobiles that can transport people. it is the main mean of travelling for hundred of millions of people all  over the world. cars have changed the way we live probably more than any other invention in history.At firs only a few people had cars but after a while more and more people bought them because they improved the way people lived farmers with cars were able to bring their product to places that were father away. the appearance of cities and towns also changed.more and more workers drove to their jobs and people started to move to suburbs outside the town centers.

automobile give people many jobs. millions of people around the world work in factories where cars are produced. millions more work at gas stations, restaurant or motel that travels stop at.

However, cars also cause problems millions of people die in car accident every years. automobile pollute the air that we breathe and parking space in the cities is scarce because everyone wants to use their cars to get to city centers.

Cars are very complicated machine and all systems in them to work together. they a power a car, control and steer it and make it comfortable for people to drive in the heart of every car is its engine. it produces the power that turns the wells and electricity for light and other systems.

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