Rabu, 09 Agustus 2017

how to make yourself happy

knowing how to make yourself happy comes down to knowing eaht causes you feel the way youdo. when you undestand waht make you happy in first place, you can use that knowlegdeto continueto feel happy. Instead of trying to find happines as if it is something outsideof yoou, ypuneed to searchfor it within. Not only that, ypu need toable to activate those feeling as well thereare ltsof to feel happy so let me offer you some tips thatmight help.

firsty, focus on that waht you alreadyhave and be greteful for it, just think about a time in your life when you didn't have the things you now have your life. The friends, the relatinships, the career, etc,. whrn ypu focus on waht is good in your life,it will make you feel happier

secondly, make yourself happy easy. too often we place all of these conditions on what has to happpen before we can allow ourselves to be happy. examplefor setting up our slef being happy is to think like this, "if I am able to make up in the mornign, I will be happy.

thirdly, be happy in the pursuitof your goals.insted of trying to acquire thingsand achieve goal in order to be happy, ehy not be happy while you pursve your goals. in other words, don't seek happines, happily seek.

Knowing how to make yourself hppy come down to realizing that you can allow youself to be happy simply by letting go of all of the condition that you have aloowed society to place on yourself. the
conditions that tihis and that has to happen before you can feel happy will only make being happy difficult. It's great to go for goals and dreams and you should, but don't place your happiness on whether or not you accomplish those goals. learn to be happy in pursuit of those goals and dreams. after all, isn't the purpose of life to be happy. if so, stop pursing it and just be.

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