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Studies have shown that about 30% of all children in america aged 6 to 19 are either over weightor obese. that is almost one out of three young americans. the situation in the countries of the european union is similar.
The body mass index (BMI) is a formula to measure obesity. it uses a combination of height and weight.
A BMI score of 25 or higher shows that you are overweightand a BMI of a over 30 indicates obesity.
Who is at risk..??
if you are gaining weight it doesn't  always mean that you are becoming obese. children  and young adults need nutrients in order to grow, so they gain weight as time goes on, however, if you consume more than you need and begin putting on extra weight you may be on the road to obesity-combined with all kinds of health problems.
Here are some signs that tell you if you are at risk :

1. children who have obese parents or grandparents are in greater danger of becoming obese than others.

2. if diseases like high blood pressure, high  cholesterol,type 2 diabetes or heart illnesses run in your family you might be at risk too.

3. bowed legs at an early age can be a warming signal for obesity

4. depresision and a lack of confidence have  also been connected to obesity

5. people who don't get enough exercise and sit around and do nothing all day long are defenitely more at risk than others

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