Rabu, 09 Agustus 2017

simple sport for healthy in 5 minute

Healthyand freshly body is desired by every people. but too much activity make them easily to leave sport. to make our body keep health and fresh, not only getting easily, but also needed commitment and hogh decipline. meanwhile, doing sport hardly sometime make us want to finish it. whereas, helathy and freshly canbe done every time without spending much money.
Vitality exercise just only need 5 minutes and you can't spend your time fully in a gym. below is kinds of simlpe sport that you can do athome and every where

1. high knife
lift your knee to front, if you do it regularly, this exercise can make your muscle's leg to be strong

2. twist
sexi hip is really disred by every woman, you can do this movement because it can give benfit in hip, waist and buttock area. the way to do is very easy, you can turn your twist right and left

3. trieps over head bend
straight both of your hand up, then bent up your elbow to the back of head

4. row
push your body front, your back still straight up, pull your elbow from down to back

5. wide push up.
do this push up with your hand in wide position and line to breast. do this push up regularly and it can be useful to build your body

6. kick back
'skick your leg straight back, and leg's  position still straight

So guys, getting healthy and freshly body is very easy.let's try it yourself

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